Thursday, November 20, 2014

Lunchmeat #7

...$7 As a naturally curious person, one of the great things about being into fanzines is that they come in all kinds of interesting flavors. I love that, and I especially I love it when that flavor is “weird”. Lunchmeat is weird. This is a ‘fan’zine in the truest sense, with the fans focal obsession being that of VHS tapes. Enthusiasts of the genre, nicknamed, ‘Videovores’ are responsible for most of the review content, and It’s packed full. The reviews consist of obscure VHS only movies with titles like, ‘Hunter’s Blood’ ‘SuperGrass’, ‘Disaster at Silo 7’ and more. There are provocative and funny VHS-centered graphics, interviews with cult directors (Brian Threnchard-Smith) cult character actors (Mr. Potato Head himself, THE Eddie Deezen), crossword puzzles, and horror stories full of gore, obsession, and video production. If Pixar movies with their ungodly expensive special effects, are the designer deli sandwich of sliced sweet cappicola and Havarti on a lightly seasoned focaccia of the film world, then the VHS-obsessed world of Lunchmeat represents a half-eaten loaf of pickled-pimiento bologna on Grocery Outlet wonder bread. I prefer the latter.////////////////////////