Monday, March 2, 2015

POB No More

Well the time has come to let the PO Box go. In the past four months or so, I’ve received exactly 4 zines for review, and that just doesn’t justify the cost of a pob. I will still do reviews here and there when I pick stuff up on trips to cities with zine stores and such. But as I’ve stated previously, my personal life is too busy right now to try and do regular zine reviews, and that’s just not fair to the people who took the time to send me their work and expected a relatively quick review response, something that rarely happened. This has been a fun experiment and I’ve made a bunch of great connections with all kinds of interesting artists all over the globe. I plan to keep publishing zines and making art, and hopefully I’ve built up enough good karma over these past five and a half years that others may give my stuff a hearty look and review. Thanks to everyone who sent stuff in for review, it was an honor to be part of it all. As always I can be reached at
ps: I still have about ten more zines to review, which I will be getting to asap. pss: Here's a link to my art blog