Thursday, August 5, 2010


SPRAK! vol. 2 #6
$? does accept trades
Kami POB 278
Edwardstown SA 5039

Sprak! is a Sexploitation, B-Movie, Trash, Horror, movie review zine from Australia. I’ve always been curious about these genres of movies but personally have only really scratched the surface with movies like Pink Flamingos, Blackula, Death Race 2000, and a few others that I’ve randomly been exposed to over the years. Reading Sprak! Is a wild, somewhat naughty introduction to this seedy underbelly of cinema and art from someone who is freakishly passionate and knowledgeable about it all. With titles like, Cockhammer, The Sinful Dwarf, and the Satanic Rites of Draccula how couldn’t a person be at least a little curious?