Saturday, May 12, 2012

Green Woman Magazine

Green Woman Magazine Winter/Spring 2012 POB 6587 Colorado Springs, CO 80934-6587 $12.50 two issue subs Another great issue of Green Woman Magazine. The name of this magazine might put some people off in the sense that they may think that the publication is solely written by and for women (I was kind of under this impression when it first showed up in my mailbox). This is not the case, and in fact, doesn’t feel like it’s written in any kind of gender specific way at all. I think the title is more of a statement about the two women who edit it, and not the content per se. At least that’s my take on it. Anyway, this issue is packed full of great earth-friendly articles on a wide variety of subjects ranging from Canning, community gardens, honey, raising turkeys, climate change (the basics of), beetles, bees, an interview with musician and garden-freak Christa Decicco, a fascinating article about George Washington Carver that was a truly inspiring look into the virtues of curiosity and hard work. I loved Dan Murphy’s column about slowing down un-plugging and attempting to live a more simple rock life (Melvins unplugged would be amazing). There’s even a page of Wilson Bentley snowflake photos! (I love Bentley snowflake photos) Green Woman magazine is new and full of momentum. It’s a great resource for connecting to all kinds of folks involved in sustainability on all fronts. A fine magazine worthy of your support.