Thursday, December 26, 2013

Faction of the Fox

Faction of the Fox//// Recently I got a small manila envelope in the mail with two buttons and three stickers in it…no letter, no instructions, no return address, nothing else. Two of the stickers said, “Faction of the Fox” on them. Aside from that phrase, I had nothing to go on. Should I put the stickers on my guitar? If I wore one of these buttons on my jacket would I get random dirty looks from graffiti kids with conflicting loyalties, or worse yet, laughed at by hipsters without hindsight? The whole thing kind of smelled of the “White Rabbit” scene from the Matrix. For days afterward I anxiously waited for leather-clad club kids to show up at my door and invite me to Spokane for some kind of techno-geek disco-fueled nerd orgy. Sadly, that didn’t happen. I simply ended up searching “Faction of the Fox” on the google and went to their website. The site is a series of unexplained, yet very entertaining video-collages from some very creative Chicagoans. The whole thing has a kind of Hosoi-era skate video recorded on an early to mid-80’s vhs-camcorder by someone obsessed with Cosby Show sweaters feel to it. All of these videos were entertaining, hilarious, and creative, however, there is no who, what, or why about them. Whatever this is, exists in a land far below the realms of Wikipedia and ironic hipsterism. It’s something worth checking out while not trying too hard to analyze it, and for this I am thankful.