Saturday, September 27, 2014

KARP: a documentary film about a band called KARP

I’ve written in the past about having seen KARP live and how it had been such a musical high water mark for me. This band was so good, and they showed up at a time in the 90’s where a lot of underground music was getting pretty predictable and stale. Not KARP. They were a musical powder keg with a short fuse that knew exactly when to touch it off. Part of the beauty of what KARP brought to the table in those days was that they weren’t just a heavy as fuck band completely ruling the shows they played, they were also hilarious. Their sense of humor was so obvious in everything that they did, from their record art and press packets (See Suplex pic below that I got in the mail in 1996 and have had hanging on my wall/refrigerator ever since), to their incredibly clever on and off stage banter. They really made going to see them live a heck of a good time, much of which is captured in this wonderful documentary . It was so sweet to see everyone involved with this band speak so earnestly about them, and it’s a touching tribute to their talented drummer Scott Jernigan who died so young. If you are a fan, or if you just like documentaries about musicians, this is highly recommended. Unfortunately I think it’s out of print. I found this copy for sale online and pounced.