Monday, January 12, 2015

The Soda Killers #6 $5 or trade/ // I think this is the third time I’ve reviewed The Soda Killers, and I could basically write the same review for it every time. I would only have to change the names of the bands that I discover within (which is basically what I’ve done the past two times anyway). This zine is consistently good, and follows a very specific pattern: collage art, some stories, pictures of graffiti, and reviews by Nathan G. O’Brian. All of these things are great. But because I enjoy reading Nathan G. O’Brian’s reviews so much, the rest of the content has a tendency to get overshadowed. I’ve always been attracted to writing that is first-person, where the author injects themselves into whatever is being written about. I think that NGO does this in a way that seems very authentic and relatable. For punk type folks of a certain age, my age, his anecdotes and background knowledge make the reviews hum with a sort of undefined generational authenticity. Being in my 40’s and working in the world of education, I don’t have a lot of work peers that can I can relate to on these levels. I haven’t met too many people my age that know what a zine is, or spent their 20’s in smoke filled punk bars having their heads, souls, and hearts filled with the dysfunctionally creative dystopia of 90’s diy culture. NGO writing helps to fill that void. This particular issue of TSK is packed with so much NGO content that I wouldn’t feel bad about copying, pasting, and updating the band names at all. That being said, there is also a funny story about two dudes hating on some Food Network approved chili, and some collage art, and pics of graffiti. Bands discovered this issue: Condominium, Autistic Youth, Gas Rag, Hoax.