Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Harvest 2009, spring 2009

These two zines are collections of short stories, poems, photographs, and drawings from a wide variety of contributors from around the country. I was impressed with the depth of talent involved. The spring 2009 issue’s theme is “Home” and contains stories about just that. The highlight for me was the story “Down Home” by Linda Fielder where she recounts her various trips back home over the years to attend family funerals. Her descriptions of people and place are vivid and engaged without being overly wordy: “Rufus was a giant, copper-colored rooster with only one eye and spurs on his feet the length of my thumb…Rufus didn’t take to strangers, and strange children got him particularly riled. With no kids my age to play with, I had come to think of Rufus as my sort of hillbilly cousin, and we tormented one another mercilessly.” Great story.
The antholozine is a great idea, I hope they keep it up.