Friday, August 15, 2014

Dream Whip 15

/////////Dream Whip #15 $11 I equate Dream Whip Zine to the musical stylings of The Pixies, Canned Heat, and early Patsy Cline on an off night in a dive bar near the desert town of Yermo California. It’s hot, dry, and not in the best of moods…but for some reason, I want it all. This is Bill’s story about making a movie about the immigration situation on the southern US border and his bike tour across the Midwest to promote it. It's full of forgotten towns, ankle biting dogs, politics, and complicated relationships. Bill Brown is one of America’s best writers. I can turn to any page in this zine and pick a quote that bites as hard as a golden eagle ripping the head off of an angry chukar on the banks of the Salmon River. Exhibit A: “The people we meet aren’t unfriendly, but they’re definitely no-nonsense….Maybe it’s because it doesn’t rain much here, and the land’s not so fertile. In a place like that you don’t waste anything, including you’re breath. All the sweetness that people around here don’t express is baked into their pies. Big-hearted, generous pies.” The entire zine is full of quotable insight like this. I’ve been reading Dream Whip for many years, and the same thing happens to me after reading every issue, I put it down, smile, and say to myself, “Never get famous Bill Brown”, but I really wish he does.