Sunday, May 23, 2010

924 GILMAN: the story so far

pob 460760
San Francisco, CA 94146-0760
Mother of all things punk, this is a great book! Historic, iconic, angry, and fun. I've seen advertisements and reviews of this book around for a few years, but until now had never ordered or picked up a copy. I picked this one up at Powell’s. It was funny because the book was wrapped in plastic on the shelf due to the fact that each page falls out immediately after touching human fingers. The store copy was a hilarious pile of mangled pages stuffed into a plastic bag. Regardless of how poorly this book is bound, it’s great reading and goes into incredible detail about the history, present, and future of this iconic rock club. It’s full of pictures and writing from dozens of people who have been involved throughout. 924 Gilman is an important example dedication and passion. After reading the book I checked in with the club website, and saw that they are currently facing a pretty big financial dilemma, that of a $7000 monthly rent increase. Donate if you can.

pic: my old Gilman membership