Sunday, May 23, 2010


POB 4726
Berkeley, CA 94704
This issue is split with longtime Cometbus contributor Maddalena Polletta. This one is an amalgamation of different stories that wander around and explore a wide variety of topics and issues with each author taking turns. As varying as each story is, this zine has a surprising flow to it. I have been a fan of Aaron’s writing for years and always appreciate his perspective on life and living. Like all good writing the reader gets to experience and view the world with someone else’s goggles on and see it through their filters. Aaron’s filters just happen to be shaded punk, and dipped in pure Berkeley. I really liked this issue and the way that each author peppered it with short, often blunt stories that continue to take you into their worlds, introduce you to thier friends, families, cohorts, struggles and triumph.